Tokyo to Tees


‘Tokyo To The Tees’ Commission

For this exhibition, the Dorman Museum invited the aim4art group to create artworks responding to the theme of ‘Tokyo To The Tees’ in general, and Christopher Dresser in particular. The nature of the exhibit was left entirely to our imagination.
The first part of our display consists of an entrance portal, created by myself and Les Southerton. I made the Japanese piece on the left hand side featuring ‘Tokyo’, represented by a Japanese pagoda, a geisha, and a section of Hokusai’s famous wave. To represent the Tees, Les created the right hand side with its images of the Dorman Museum and Christopher Dresser, and a corresponding section of wave featuring a Yorkshire cobble.



Our second exhibit is the Japanese screen, filled with canvasses, contributed by the majority of the group’s members, and each inspired by aspects of the ‘Tokyo To The Tees’ theme.


My Contribution based on two panels of Sadahide Gountei’s woodcut print, ‘Western Traders at Yokohama, Transporting Merchandise’ 1861. 35x28cm Acrylic on Canvas.




During the research for this project I did a painting in the museums gallery space. An unusual thing for me to do, and I also chose an unfamiliar medium, ‘Watercolours’. The museum liked the piece, purchased it. It now hangs in their gallery and was made into cards which they sell in their shop.


aim4art is a voluntary community art group, founded in 2009, by a number of former CCAD Foundation students. We try to be adventurous in our approach and to push our own artistic boundaries where we can. We meet every Tuesday (10am-4pm) at The Barn, Hemlington, an attractive and well-equipped venue overlooking Hemlington Lake. We have no regular tutor, but support and advise each other. We also organise a programme of visits to galleries and exhibitions and hold workshops with professional artists.
You can learn more by visiting our website at or by finding us on Facebook. If you are interested in our work or feel you might like to join us, please contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, you would be very welcome to visit us on a Tuesday at The Barn. Full directions are on our website
Contact details:
Phone: 01642 473275
Venue: The Barn, Nuneaton Drive, Hemlington, Middlesbrough, TS8 9DA