Sunderland Book Project

My contribution to the Sunderland Book Project:

65 participants and 56 books in total, The Sunderland Book Project is growing with each entry reaching new levels of creativity and inspiration. Recent contributions include  Julie Macbean who has recently completed an MAFA  in painting and printmaking, and came across The Sunderland Book Project at Teesside University. She is interested in industrial heritage and the nostalgia surrounding it  ‘Made in Sunderland’ refers to shipbuilding on the Wear and its decline.


Theresa Easton ‘Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair’ 2012. Washington DC, USA.

The Sunderland Book Project: an International Book Arts Project • Theresa will focus on artist-led projects and the role of the artist’s book. She will explore how artist’s networks shape and direct artistic practice and personal development in a local, national and international framework. —Sun 18th Nov. 11:00-11:45 am


On display and under scrutiny at the Pyramid Atlantic Artists Book Fair in Washington DC

There being three books in the my limited edition of ‘Made in Sunderland’, whilst one was on its travels to the USA I was lucky enough to get another on display at the ‘Newcastle Winter Book Festival’ 22-25 Nov 2012.

I spent a couple of hours there invigilating, and may have recruited 3 more participants.





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