Poetics of Space

My MA work involves a lot of plaster. The white fragile plaster inspired by the Danish Painter Vilhelm Hammershoi but without the paint.

53-degres-MAgenda-exhibitionwindow-close-up window-broken-print door-close-up door

Environments that evoke memories, enact dreams, and fulfil desires.                                               Anne Classen Knutson, Memory and Magic. Page 47.

The simple humility that is in the silent room flows into ourselves. The intimacy of the room becomes our intimacy. The intimate space has become so quiet, so simple, that all the quietude of the room is localized and centralised in it. the room is very deeply our room.                                                    Gaston Bachelard, ‘Poetics of Space’. Page 226

An image into which one has entered, not a room into which one has entered, a room which the author bears within himself, in which he has made life, with a life that does not exist.                                             Gaston Bachelard, ‘Poetics of Space’. Page 229

About this room, which was plunged in utter darkness, I knew everything, I had entered into it, I bore it within me, I made it live, with a life that is not life, but which is stronger than life, and which no force in the world can vanquish.                        Maurice Blanchot

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