The terminology ‘Edgelands’, a word used to ‘describe the interfacial zone between urban and rural, a part of the landscape that is often overlooked and ignored. It is often scared by industrial blight, a mix of rubbish tips, scrap yards, gas towers and electricity pylons.

Painter Cedic Carre says these areas are familiar landmarks worthy of aesthetic appreciation rather than just objects necessity for contemporary living’.

Marion Shoard in ‘Remaking the landscape’ asked for poets, artists and novelists to celebrate these areas.

My answer to that call is a visual response. I aim to capture the atmospheric nature of the environment, creating images that evokes memories and generates nostalgia. I am always looking to sentimentally reclaim the past and create the dream place, capturing the beauty of the urban and the undesirable which is the interfacial zone between city and rural. ‘THE EDGELANDS’


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