The Map Project


My contribution to the ‘Map Project’, is a concertina Artist Book created with 3 layers. The first two incorporate the map, the third has been mono printed and includes cut outs and collage pieces of map.



The book cloth covers are a similar colour to the original map, with de bossed and inked text. When the book is folded it can be stored in its protective slip case.

I love maps, so I have just ordered some more old maps to create different artist books.

An Artists’ Alphabet

Twenty-six artists, twenty-six letters, twenty-six unique and varied responses including paintings, prints, sculptures, photography and installation art.

Having Been Selected as one of the 26 artists for the  Exhibition, I was awarded the letter ‘G’.


As storm Desmond battered the UK, I managed to feed the project into my current ‘Shipping Forecast’ project. Once I had the idea in my head I sketched a plan of the print and sorted the colours. I could have got away with just doing one copy, but I decided to take this opportunity to make several prints to use in my Artist Books. This would mean back to back printing, with 8 hand drawn A1 sheets of Seri trace (plus two small one for the lighthouses). All in all there were 40 prints completed in two different colour editions. I have spent much of my 2016 creative time  on this project, most of it on doing the different bindings to make 37 books.

The printing had to wait until as I needed access to the screen print table during the students Easter holidays.

I learn something new every time I print, but never seem to take any notice of these lessons learnt… like, don’t do large prints, your not tall enough, you can’t reach. As she pulls a wooden box over to the print table to stand on!

I had a little ‘printing helper’. There is something wrong with this photo though…… I am washing the screen and she is taking the photo. shouldn’t that be the other way round, Amy.printing-19

I did do a few of the prints at home on my ‘not very sophisticated print table. Screen printing on a carpet is not advisable!