RSPB Saltholme


Oct 2016 I was kindly invited to work on a project with ‘Aim4Art’ on a project at RSPB Saltholme near Middlesbrough. Its a bit of a strange project for me as I am not really an animal/wildlife artist but I know the area is surrounded by industry, so I joined in in the hope of discovering something new.

The industry and surrounding horizon lines were right up my street, and I managed to make some successful work with it. What I wasn’t expecting was how draw I would be to the birds in the feeding area. I managed to get some decent image through the glass viewing area, so I embarked on some work that was new in subject and medium, opting for watercolours, something I am not familiar with.

After gathering my material I retuned to the studio and set about making the following work:





The pencil drawing is work in progress, It could take some time to finish. But I did also manage to do two horizon line pieces. One looking over Seal Sands 150x26cm and the other over Middlesbrough 170x26cm. This was much more like my usual thing. The sky for seal sands was a pure experiment that went a bit haywire, but I persevered, and I think I like it because it’s different.





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