Sheffield International Artist Book Prize

I decided to enter one of the books I made on the’Print Day in May’, into the Sheffield International Artist Book Prize. I uploaded to the site for an initial digital selection, and waited.


only took two days for my reply :

Message about your submissions to ‘5th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize'”Julie Macbean” made on 07/05/2015

Thanks for your submission to this year’s International Artist’s Book Prize. We are delighted to say that your book has been accepted and will be entered into the Prize and be exhibited in October. Could you please send the book as soon as possible to allow us to begin processing and preparing entries for the catalogue.

print-day-in-may-15 print-day-in-may-31

Looking forward to the exhibition in October.


Print Day in May 2015

Print Day in May 2015…….An ideal time to bring a project to fruition that has been festering on the back boiler for years. ‘Terra Incognita’ using rusty metal plates to represent an unknown landscape.print-day-in-may-1

3 colours were used for the prints: Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue and Turquoise. A second ghost print was taken from each plate.

print-day-in-may-9print-day-in-may-7 print-day-in-may-6 print-day-in-may-3

As I finished the prints a lot quicker than expected, I decided to forge ahead and complete the project by making two artists books entitled ‘Here be Dragons’, which sometimes marked an area on the map in areas that were yet to be explored.

print-day-in-may-23 print-day-in-may-21 print-day-in-may-19 print-day-in-may-18 print-day-in-may-17 print-day-in-may-16 print-day-in-may-14 print-day-in-may-12