Artist in Residence

I photographed a few pieces of work today in the studio. So far the work is based around the Bank Top Railway station.

w clock ink

w sepia train station w print 2 colour


Artist in Residence

Out on the Urban Trail in Darlington today, in search of the oldest Railway bridge STILL in use. The Skerne Bridge an original bridge from the first Darlington to Stockton Railway.

w skerne bridge

I found the bridge by the use of a good map and intuition. No great heritage trail laid on for a structure with such great historical value to the town of Darlington. The location is a sad sight for such an important bridge, a bridge that someone felt worthy enough to be shown on the reverse of a five pound note in the 1990’s

w fiver

w darlington map 4 Access to the bridge is available from Albert Road.

w skerne bridge 2

Artist in Residence Week 1

A varied week. Lots of photographic material gathered already, a bit of foot pounding on the urban trail, with lots more to explore. On Wednesday i did a book binding masterclass with Keren , I think she liked what she took home with her. I was also notified that I had been successful with my entry into the ‘County Durham Art Exhibition’ which opens at the Bowes Museum on 3 March.

I have started many different pieces of work, most of which revolve around the fantastic ‘Bank Top’ Railway Station in Darlington. Most of them are still not complete and require a bit of refining, some will require a great deal of work before I can say they are finished. I am trying to cover a wide spectrum of artistic approaches, Painting, Drawing, and lots of printmaking techniques on the go with Etching, woodcut, Collagraph. I also have plans for screen prints and monoprints.

I spent a great deal of my time in the print room, working out my technical hitches (of which there were many) with my new role of photo etching film, and trying to perfect the 4 colour separation. However,  despite my setbacks I did manage to completed my first 4 colour separation which I am quite proud of, even though it is not perfect.

w4 colour

Artist in Residence

I am pleased to announce that this week I was appointed as the ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Darlington Campus of Teesside University. It is a newly created post so it is up to me to develop it and make it my own.

Since becoming involved with the Darlington Drawing Project at the University, I have been Inspired to create work as seen from the fourth floor of the campus. this is a pencil drawing that will be the starting point for creating more work  about the town of Darlington during this residency.


Now to take this project further.